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Sometimes life throws us in the deep end.
If you need legal advice, someone to stand up for your rights
or a fair resolution, don’t hold back.
We’re here to help.

Criminal Law

Our experienced criminal lawyers will help you understand the possible outcomes of your case, help prepare your defence and above all, ensure you get a fair trial.

Family Law

We care about families. Our family law division is dedicated to resolving these matters, in a professional, compassionate and cost effective manner.

General Law

Ressan Lawyers are here for you if you need help preparing a will, sorting out an insurance claim problem, preparing a financial contract or settling a legal dispute.


Whether you are buying or selling, our conveyancing service will ensure that every aspect of your property settlement is treated with the care and respect you deserve.

Ressan Lawyers strongly believes in resolution through negotiation and agreement. We will listen to your individual story, knowing that each situation and each client is different.

About Us

Ressan Lawyers is a Victorian law firm based in Dandenong.

We are multilingual law experts providing a comprehensive range of legal services, including criminal law, family law, commercial litigation, motor vehicle claims and disputes, wills and estates, financing, and property conveyancing.

Ressan Lawyers strongly believes in resolution through negotiation and agreement, although we can also represent you in court should that be required. We take the time to listen to your individual story, knowing that each situation and every client is different.

Our Principal and Senior Lawyer at Ressan Lawyers, Mary Nasser, is an astute and capable lawyer with many years experience in criminal, litigation and family law. Mary strives to ensure that all clients are able to put themselves in a win-win situation, while helping them to understand to the fullest, the advantages of their legal position.

We also have a facility called Expert Finance. If you require financial planning and assistance in commercial, business or personal finance, please visit or call 1800 670 368.

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